GEORGE WALKER REAGAN- Born in 1981 to doctors Dan and Marla Reagan, George's life can best be described as gloriously mediocre. He received average marks in school. He competed in junior varsity track, winning several bronze medals. He received average SAT scores, and is now attending Fidelity Community College, which has consistently been rated the most average community college in America for six straight years. After learning he has super powers, George assumes the name Citizen XII, doing what little he can (and it is indeed very little) for the city and her people.

CYLUS HALDEN- Libertarian Vampire Hunter. Need I say more? He assumes the mantle of the city's protector with George and Quentin, hoping that his display of heroic vigilantism without the aid of the governmental police force will encourage others to wean themselves from the state's oppressive teat. (Apparently I did need to say more.)

QUENTIN CAGLIOSTRO- Able to summon and command the spirits of the dead, Quentin is currently involved in a lawsuit with M. Night Shayamalan as she believes that "little bastard" in that one movie is based on her. She meets George one night while practicing her craft, and the two become close friends. With Cylus, she supports George in his quest to bring justice the people of Fidelity. fere.

ASHER HAYES (CITIZEN 14, CODENAME "HAZE")- One of the Citizen Project's most auspicious successes. Despite having a relatively weak power (the ability to manipulate light), Haze's willingness to kill without question or hesitation has made him one of the most lethally effective Citizens. He has neutralized countless terrorists, gangsters, drug lords and politicians throughout his long career, as well as inflicting millions of dollars worth of property damage on the Hobson Heights Country Club (of which he and his wife are dues paying members ("he and his wife" as if that lazy cunt ever paid for anything in her life. I mean why do we need a country club membership anyway? So we can have lunch with her douchebag parents? I swear to fucking God, if Frank asks me why I haven't gotten a raise yet one more fucking time I'm going to do to him what I did to Gorbachev's head. I mean fucking in-laws they just make you want to...).) Haze currently lives in Hobson Heights with his loving wife and two children.